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Program Changes 2018-2019

Added Courses

WM2A Canasta - Mondays, JAN 7th-28th (9:00-10:30AM)  $70
ST5 Let's Go Birding - Tues. MARCH 5th-26th(9:00-10:30AM)  $85
WM6A Mah Jongg - 11:00-12:30, 2/18-3/25, $90 members/$100 non-members
ST6 At the Movies  TUES. 2/18-3/25 (3:00-4:30)

Sold Out Courses

WM2 Burning Issues In The Supreme Court
WT12 At The Movies
OC3 Brunch & Ballet
WM9 Burning Issues in the Supreme Court
PAF7 History of Motown
WT4 Let's Go Birding
WT14 At the Movies
WR6 Let's Play Canasta!  For Beginners
WR16 Jewish Film Festival
WT4 Let's Go Birding
WT11 At the Movies with Gus
WW25 I-Phone I-Pad Intermediate
ST3 At the Movies
WDT Winter Day Trip
WT15 Tuesday Night Movie and Buffet
WF13 The Next 20 Years - Level 1
WM6 Strategic Bridge Advanced
WR9 Learn How to Play Mah Jongg
WW10 America & the World
WW21 I-Phone I-Pad Basics Plus
WW4 Watercolor, Etc, Section 1 & 2
WWK2 How to Take Better Travel Photos
ST2 At the Movies
WW2 Watercolor Etc. –Section 1
WW3 Watercolor Etc. –Section 2
WF1 QiGong
WW18 I-Phone I-Pad for Beginners
WW20 You've Got to See This Movie
WR4 Nature of Longboat
PAF6 The Michael Ross Trio
WR10 Nature of Longboat
WW20 You've Got to See This Movie
WM10 Mueller Investigation
WW19 Next 20 Years - Level 2
WR19 Artificial Intelligence, Robots are we Ready
LS6 Incredible but True! - WWII Revelations
WF17 Cole Porter & His World
WW18 Brain Changer - Ultra Mind
WW16 Untold Stories of Biblical Archeology
SPF1 Gustav Klimt
ST5 Let's Go Birding  - Section 2
SW3 Watercolor, Etc
PAF5 Songs You'll Love to Hear



Schedule Changes